TeaSwap — We care about the taste !

Something missing in your MINT tea ? Well we figured out how to make it tasteful: here comes SUGAR 🚀.

On TeaSwap this Monday May 10, 2021 at 5 p.m UTC!

Pic. SUGAR Launch

SUGAR is the second token of the TeaSwap ecosystem. Highly linked to MINT, it will have a very distinctive tokenomic and use case, which makes it as exciting to have as MINT !

The exact Tokenomic will be an ilimited supply with a burn on transactions, a reward for MINT farmers, and have a unique boost potential for TeaParties ( Don’t dare neglect it — You might regret it for your first TeaParty… Not a financial advise ;)

But, team, what are those TeaParties ? Cats and old women reading books ??

Not at all gentlemen (or women), far more exciting than that ;) We will also explain it, and soon you will understand the excitement !
So, don’t see it as a reward token for farming but as a booster for the whole TeaSwap economy !

Well, let’s introduce some NEW POOLS !

New TeaSwap SUGAR pools — May 10, 2021

As mentioned before, we will have a lot of possibilities for MINT holders here !

First — 2 LP pools:
✨Stake SUGAR-BNB, earn SUGAR !
✨Stake MINT-BNB, earn SUGAR !
✨Stake BNB-BUSD, earn SUGAR !

Second — Single Asset pool :
✨Stake MINT, earn SUGAR !
Release scheduled for Tuesday May 11 at 5 p.m. UTC
Keep your SUGAR! 😊

Well, soon as promised in our compensation plan, it will comes the BONUS pool ! Stay Tuned for its release scheduled for Friday May 14 at 5 p.m UTC!
Stake MINT-SUGAR, earn SUGAR with high APR !

As you see, SUGAR and MINT will be linked a lot and have both separate but connected use cases… especially for Tea Parties ;)

Not at all ;) You will get a special attention one week from now and keeping your LP’s or not is your choice (for your info… we kept it ;) ) But Shhh! we can’t say why today !

Enjoy SUGAR in your MINT tea !

TeaSwap team