TeaSwap Vaults are now live!

Hello TeaSwapers,

We hope you enjoyed to use our services to farm and earn a maximum of our native tokens MINT, SUGAR and TEASPORT of our whole ecosystem presented here.

We are proud now to re-launch a new profitable DeFi feature: VAULTS! 💥
👉 They are live and available from the Dapp.

Education part first!

First of all, if you want to know more about how our Vaults work, that is great! Your are at the right place.
To understand it, Have a look at our Gitbook ➡ Vaults?🤔

What about the fees ? As no one sees it ?

Compounding fees are amortized among all vault participants, making it cheaper for the user.

🔹All Vaults (including SUGAR Vaults)

Deposit Fee : 0%
Exit fee: 0.1 %

Feel free to use our feature whenever you want ✨

🔹All Vaults (excluding SUGAR Vaults)

Buyback: 2.0% of performance fee will go to SUGAR or TEASPORT buyback.
Network fee: 0.2% of performance fee will be used for network transactions
Operational fee: 1.8% to platform operators

Total fee: 4 % on profits calculated in APR

➡ Efficiently execute yield farming strategies
➡ Compound rewards into the initially deposited token amount
➡ Use any asset as liquidity
➡ Put any asset to work to generate a yield
➡ Reinvest earned profits

Which Vaults are launched now?

First of all, we launched 3 vaults, each one with a special feature having a particular impact on TeaSwap tokens:

  • Stake SUGAR auto-compound, buyback TEASPORT
  • Stake CAKE auto-compound, buyback SUGAR
  • Stake BANANA auto-compound, buyback SUGAR

With Taste,

TeaSwap Team