🏆 UEFA Champions League ⚽

The fun is here on BSC …

After the two first SportParties: UEFA EURO2020 and Olympics 2021, please welcome to UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 🏆!

No chill for TeaSwap Team this summer !

We prepared for you another IRL event interaction with our Dapp with fun and bright rules for all TeaSwapers (=MINT holders) .


For those who do not know TeaSwap very well, the SportParties events are a game of interactions between real sport events and the DeFI features of TeaSwap depending of community members votes.

Each TeaParty consists of several days of interaction with the TeaSwap ecosystem along the event, and each day takes place in 3 steps:

👉First step : Vote — Every TeaSwapers (Mint Holders) are invited to vote generally D-1 before the Day event in our Voting System.

👉Second Step : Day event , follow the scores and results with us on our Telegram Channel

👉 Third Step : Application of the Day results on TeaSwap DeFi Ecosystem : APR BOOSTER

Champions League event

For this SportParty 3 our Team has been brainstorming to offer you the best interactive farming Event on the BSC!Two teams will face each other every day of this Champions League!

🏆 The Orange Team : $TEASPORT team
❤️ The Red Team : $SUGAR team

What is the Program ?

🥇Each day a winning team SUGAR or TEASPORT

🥈Each day an oriented APR boost 💥 on the respective farm/pools

🥉Team Tokens added on the respective SUGAR or TEASPORT Raffle 😎
✔ 2 drawings a day for each Raffle
✔ All TeaSwap Raffles are using
Chainlink VRF !

See the entire rules of SportParty3 Champions League in our GitBook!

About the football competition ?

The UEFA Champions League is the more prestigious European football competition (ahead Europa League).

The UEFA Champions League is UEFA’s elite club competition with top clubs across the continent playing for the right to be crowned European champions.

The TeaSwap SportParty will begin with the Group Stage of the Champions League: September 14, 2021.

The SportParty rules are set but may evolve after the Group Stage ending December 8, 2021. Specific and bonus rules for the SportParty may occur after the Group Stage until the final.

Meet the 32 qualified teams on the UEFA website 🤩

To know more about the event and to make a wise vote on TeaSwap VOTING SYSTEM each day !

Source : https://www.uefa.com/

So… Buy your MINT (before 6:30 pm UTC on Monday September 13) … be ready to VOTE for your preferred teams for the TeaSwap Community … and have fun with us on our telegram Channel during the competition 😎

With Taste,

TeaSwap Team 🍵

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