TeaSwap is back !

For more taste and pleasure

After some false stairs… We re-launch yield farming with one of our favorites : SUGAR !

First of all, TeaSwap team wants to thank you for your support and trust since the early days, and that despite the launch issues.

Your support was an energy and motivation pool for us to rebuild the TeaSwap project these last weeks. Again thank you all for following us from the beginning ! We have gathered our strength to achieve our goals with you!

The new Dapp TeaSwap launch!

Let’s get down to business ! If we speak about a new DAPP, we speak about a new token. Yes — a new SUGAR ( or call it SUGAR v3 if you like ;) ).

The choice we made to have a new one again is essential to ensure the relaunch on a sustainable base and for it to take the place it deserves.

WELCOME to the new $SUGAR !

This is also with that objective in mind that we launch only 3 pools at first (quickly followed by a 4th one):




🍭SUGAR Singlet Asset (May 29, 2021 at 5 p.m UTC)

It is important to put in place pools with buying pressure at the start of the relaunch to ensure a more stable price to SUGAR.

Please find the Token Distribution and Fees on our Website : https://tea-swap.finance/#Tokenomics

What happens to our SUGAR v1/v2 ?

They will no longer be in use and you will be compensated by MINTv2 airdrop in a week. Which again, is the most valuable solution for you!

What about the airdrops ?

Every Airdrop will be in MINT V2 (compensation / SUGAR v1-v2 holders). As it will be more valuable and with far less selling pressure, a good buying pressure and use case, it is again the best calculation for everyone.

What about MINT ? What about my LPs ? What about SUGAR v1/v2 ?

We of course forget no one and especially MINT (v1) holders — knowing that MINT is the native token of the project !

The MINT (v1) holders, LP MINT/BNB, MINT/BUSD — v1 will have the opportunity to farm SUGAR after a week.

Indeed, starting June 2 at 5p.m UTC, we will have 3 new pools: :



🍵 MINT Single Asset

That being done while waiting the new MINT launch…… 👀

New Tokenomics for TeaSwap 🍵!

Token Distribution | New MINT (v2)

Optimized fees | New MINT (v2)

So what will happen to our previous MINT (v1) ?

They will be converted 1:1 ratio later (in a 7/10 days) with a conversion module- with a goal of $6.25 for new MINT (v2). Looking at the actual price and the ratio, this should be for most… profitable ;)

In the same time we will open the new MINT pools (MINT/BUSD, MINT/BNB and after single asset MINT) — in v2. The price goal is planned to be reached with new SUGAR success.

We also plan on doing a ZAP (so that you can convert LP MINTv1-BUSD and MINTv1-BNB into MINTv2-BUSD and MINTv2-BNB WITHOUT breaking LP’s. So, less fees for you -> We keep you updated (like the bunny zap).

Thanks to everyone and Stay Tuned!

TeaSwap Team 🍵

Website: https://tea-swap.finance/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwapTea
Telegram: https://t.me/TeaswapFinance