TeaSwap conquers the world, the vessel is our IFO !

Hello TeaSwapers !

As you already know, we are getting everyday closer to our crosschain journey, starting with RSK (The first Bitcoin Sidechain).
In order to get there, we needed a strong vessel: Enter IFO !

The first crosschain IFO for TeaSwap

The TeaSwap crosschain IFO system is unique, and the most rewarding of all IFOs systems for users. Here’s why:

  • A classic IFO works in 3 steps (example on BSC):
    1/ Users deposit their LP X-BNB in the IFO section
    2/ They receive a part of the allocation according to their % of the total LP deposited
    3/ Part of their LP is taken: BNB go to the project in IFO, X go to the IFO provider, part of it is burned.
Jaggery ($JAG), the first RSK token from TeaSwap

Now that the concept is clear, what will happen in a detailed timeline:

  • D0: The IFO starts this Thursday Sept 30 evening and lasts 2 days. No matter if you arrive first or 5min before the end: you’ll get the right % regarding the amount of LP you deposited. You can deposit here from Thursday sept 30 eve.

Do you already have your ticket to Rootstock ?
TeaSwap Team does and we wait for you!

With Taste,
TeaSwap Team