TeaSwap Breaking News!

Please find all the News of today, or should we say the #TeasOfTheDay 😊

First of all, we hope you enjoy as much as we do everything that’s coming and keep your trust in us. As we know that next month will become more intense, we wanted to give you some crucial update information.

What follows is not a financial advice but read it carefully!

We know that everybody follows its own strategy in DEFI/yield farming and the legendary battle between short sellers and strong holders is not only theorical.

Our first role in this ecosystem is to give our investors the right keys at the right time to be able to define their own investment strategy with TeaSwap.

That’s what we try to do the best in our social media every nights and days and we won’t stop to thank all our early members for their Support!

As discussed — little bunch of news to keep you updated with our work, strategy and decisions !

🌱 First point! Let’s see where we are and where we are going — our To-Do List has been updated as promised

We are still in Phase 01 and we stay the course of our goals with courage and determination!

🌱 Second, it is more important than ever and we wanted to remind you again “Why to Hold SUGAR?”

TeaSwap- new SUGAR Token

We noticed that if MINT’s utility is not to prove anymore, it seems not to be the same with new SUGAR’s one (currently used for farmin).

Make sure that for TeaParties SUGAR and MINT will have the same weight!

Both will be essential and in proportion of… the earnings you want to achieve. We want to put on production the « pack it » from all pools to SUGAR single pool asap, in order to reduce the sell pressure.

Dont’ forget also our BurnParties defined on the Market Cap reached and the Lottery wich will before TeaParties! 💥

Soon in TeaSwap — Lottery needs SUGAR !

🌱 Third, we fixed the APR issues — every APR has been double and triple checked and is now correctly displayed. It is now pushed in production for tonight :)

🌱 4th, for the people with staked assets in the old pools who didn’t unstake from it, very few ones have Json errors while withdrawing. That’s getting finalized this night :)

🌱 5th (already !): The « Pack it » function is under test for all pools ! Meaning you can directly, in one click, harvest from any pool/farm AND compound it in SUGAR single asset pool

🌱 6th: What about Tea Parties ? They are coming after MINT farming.

Kind reminder:

What will it be ? A Tea Party is an event allowing holders of MINT and SUGAR to have access to.. customizable pools.

Say what ? 😱

Yes you read it: customizable. It means you will be able to earn BTC, ETH but also specific BSC tokens like AUTO, BIFI… as reward for providing liquidity with SUGAR.


If you provide liquidity for MINT too.. You can activate the MULTI REWARDS and CHOOSE DISTRIBUTION !!

🌱 7th: We made and are finishing some presentation videos (which will be used for marketing) — getting released tomorrow !

🌱 8th: For MINT farming, looking at some security tests as we had minor issues with the ZAP needing to be changed, we will let the time to be 100% sure it is released without any issue. So the Launch of MINTv2, the ZAP for MINTv1 & MINTv1 LP’s to MINTv2 & MINTv2 Lp’s will take place Monday 5/05, 5 PM UTC.

We wanted to tell you the deadline as soon as we were sure. And you will understand why it is in some days regarding Teanews #9 :)

🌱 9th: With the launch of new MINT (v2), we wanted to introduce surprise features (which is also why it takes a few more time): an Antiwhale System and a lock-up of harvest :)

TeaSwap- new MINT Token

🌱 10th: Regarding listings, you can help directly by voting for the listing of SUGAR on Coin Sniper (https://coinsniper.net/coin/1473) — actually we have 133/500 votes :) ).

We should also have a review in the next 24H for Coinhunt, and are fixing what was missing for Blockfolio and… doing our best to have our logo displayed on Trust Wallet and PCS Dex (little things but still important for credibility)

We hope this first #TeasOfTheDay met your expectations.

These last days were crazy of work but we are truly confident we (and we mean you and us together) will be rewarded.

Here today there’s a lot of news, and tomorrow of releases ;)
Stay tuned, hear us announce, watch us deliver, help us grow.

Thank you for all the support,

Your beloved

TeaSwap Team 🍵

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