New MINT farming is live!

Hello Everyone !

Finally, here we are : New MINT (MINTv2) LAUNCH DAY 🦾

Let’s sum up : What changed from MINTv1 to MINTv2 ?

In this 1:1 conversion, we added a LOT of changes in our MINT Token, while keeping its essence.

First : The supply !

Secondly : The tokenomic !

That being said for the launch of the token, it comes with… FARMING !!

Today we launch several pools and farms earning MINT :

  • MINTv2/BNB LP pool
  • BNB/BUSD LP pool

… and as promised, not one surprise but much more :

  • MINTv2 single asset Staking pool!
  • SUGAR/MINT LP pool — Released today at 7 p.m. UTC ! 😍

… and not over ….

New BNB, CAKE, BUSD pools earning MINTv2 are live too !

Be aware that our antiwhale system has been deployed to protect our investors for too big deposit or withdrawals in one transaction.

Ok that’s great for farming, what’s next when when when ? ….

We already gave some details about these 2 features, but will be fully dedicated to it after MINT farming.

Want to know what we are working on ? Re-take a look on our To-Do List :

Thanks for your trust and enjoy the taste of this new MINT with some SUGAR!

With taste,

TeaSwap Team