News about TeaSwap

Be ready for Sugar Time!

After a few difficult moments our TeaSwap Team is still here and hard working to build its community with the same goal : to establish an auto financial system for Associations.

Because they need our help we need to succeed and nothing will stop this train to success!🎯

Thanks for your Trust!

We saw that a majority were interested and strong handed in our last poll.

This feedback is a vote of confidence which will be profitable for all of us. This support motivates us to maintain our hard work. Thanks to every participant.

We also need to increase our efficiency, we know that and we are working on it.

Some changes in the Core Team!

The team management has been reorganized for a better coordination during our upcoming major steps. You will have the possibility to check the results very soon.

Security first!

🔏 Our audit contacts certification is in progress and rapports will be published soon.

Airdrop for our best Holders!

Thanks for following TeaSwap, and be sure, holders are always the winners in cryptos! 💰

To prove it and to thank you for your patience and trust we decided to propose a new airdrop for the 2 coming days and before the SUGAR Launch. This new airdrop comes in addition to our compensation plan for our presale problems.

The specific rules will be announced this evening, so stay tuned on our social networks

What’s Next?

We are ready to launch our next token on Monday, SUGAR which will accompany I hope your days (and nights for some) of farming 😊

After the SUGAR launch on Monday, we shall focus on communication about Teaparties as you noticed in our To-Do List.

Stay tuned! 🌱
TeaSwap CEO

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