Dear community,

Today, we present to you how TeaDAO will launch and what will be the prerequisites to participate in its birth.

1 — Rewarding our founding members : MIGRATION PHASE

a) Thanking our founding members.

First and foremost, we want to thank our dear community users, the ones who…


As we pre-announced on the occasion of our new website launch this summer, our project will start its first expansion to new TeaSwapers communities.

Nothing will ever stop the incredible and long run rise of your best swap 😎

Together with IFOs …

🏆 UEFA Champions League ⚽

The fun is here on BSC …

After the two first SportParties: UEFA EURO2020 and Olympics 2021, please welcome to UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 🏆!

No chill for TeaSwap Team this summer !

We prepared for you another IRL event interaction with our Dapp with fun and bright rules for all…

Hello everyone,

Because we had an countless number of difficulties to face since our launch, and our early TeaSwapers need it! — We decided to offer to everyone the possibility to take a break and have a little bit of FUN ! …

Hello Everyone !

Finally, here we are : New MINT (MINTv2) LAUNCH DAY 🦾

Let’s sum up : What changed from MINTv1 to MINTv2 ?

In this 1:1 conversion, we added a LOT of changes in our MINT Token, while keeping its essence.

First : The supply !

The circulating supply as we launch is…

Please find all the News of today, or should we say the #TeasOfTheDay 😊

First of all, we hope you enjoy as much as we do everything that’s coming and keep your trust in us. As we know that next month will become more intense, we wanted to give you some crucial update information.

What follows is not a financial advice but read it…

For more taste and pleasure

After some false stairs… We re-launch yield farming with one of our favorites : SUGAR !

First of all, TeaSwap team wants to thank you for your support and trust since the early days, and that despite the launch issues.

Your support was an energy and motivation pool for us…

Teaswap Finance

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